Kind words from people who know Norie’s work. (Aww, shucks.)

We’ve worked with Norie for many years now and have come to rely on her for solid, professional editorial work. She has all the characteristics you’d expect in a Class A journalist—integrity, professionalism, insight, and creativity. But she also has something that isn’t as common for high-level media—a kind, thoughtful, humble spirit. Simply put, she’s wonderful to work with. She’ll always be in our highest ‘go-to’ list and I never hesitate to recommend her.
— Shannon Stowell, president, Adventure Travel Trade Association
When we sought inspiration for a product brainstorming session, we turned to Norie. When we needed to boost the effectiveness of our creative team’s writing, we called Norie. When we need advice on a new direction in product development, we think “Norie!” Norie delivers in all these areas and more. She is organized, insightful, balanced, and well-versed in all things travel-related. She has a long view of the industry and its multiple niches, audiences, and product types. She knows how to breathe new life into a destination and reveal hidden facets that motivate travelers to add to their bucket lists. And I haven’t even mentioned what a wonderful human being Norie is! She is passionate about our world and connects easily to people and cultures. We are very lucky to count her among our ad hoc advisors.
— Kate Simpson, president, Academic Travel Abroad
As the owner of a boutique company in the active travel business, I was looking for a the right person to help me with the creation of a new website for my custom and private trips. Once we started to talk about the project, I knew right away Norie was the one for the job. Everything went so smoothly; she knew right away what I was looking for. She was extremely efficient and put together a dream team that I really enjoyed working with. The website is even better than I imagined! Thank you, Norie. Looking forward to working with you again.
— Bruno Ramain, founder and director, Active Vacations
She is one of those rare editors who appreciates images as much as words; and who lives her work through a true commitment to excellence. Working with Norie means working with someone who is fair, thoughtful, excited, smart, and always open to new ideas.
— Catherine Karnow, photographer
I’ve traveled with Norie on numerous occasions and learned she has a nose for news, an eye for images, and a great sense for the character of a place. She’s also a pleasure to be with.
— John di Scala, founder,
Norie has edited my work on many occasions over the years and she never fails to floor me with her immaculate feel for the flow of any story and a knack for drawing the best out of travel narratives. As a storyteller and wordsmith, Norie is a treasure trove of talents that fuse her deep knowledge of the travel industry, refined cultural sensitivity, passion for the “real” in travel, and a worldly attitude we can all aspire to.
— Anja Mutic, travel writer
Working with Norie has been an enriching experience for the whole team, particularly myself. She radiates positive energy and her involvement in our Southmobile project has definitely made a difference in creating the right content to effectively communicate a groundbreaking product within a new destination. Norie has guided us through this challenging process with all her experience and clear vision for which we have had positive and promising results.
— Juan Rodriguez, founder and president, South Expeditions
I was eager to broaden KÜHL’s media relationships to include adventure travel and outdoor media and knew that with the help of a respected and seasoned pro like Norie the doors were more likely to open. Norie added tremendous value by connecting me with the right associate for the job, lending her reputation to share her media connections, and coaching me through my preparations and pitches. We met while hiking a glacier in Switzerland with the adventure travel industry several years prior to this, and I was delighted to be able to work with her and experience her expertise first hand.
— Melanie A. Webb, Brand and Marketing Development, KÜHL clothing company
As an editor, Norie is one of the best in the business. Which is why we asked her to coach us in identifying story hooks and crafting more compelling media pitches. Since we began working with Norie, we are not only becoming better storytellers, but we are far more confident in what we are presenting to incredibly busy editors, freelancers, and influencers. She is helping us hit it out of the park for our clients.
— Deirdre Campbell, managing director, Beattie Tartan

“She is detail-oriented, a gatherer and nurturer of talent, a willing and effective thinker”

Norie is a thought leader and influencer in the travel industry. She is a pleasure to be around, her depth of knowledge reflected in her writing and the projects she pursues. Norie is a well known ally for sustainable travel. It is infused in all she does, and how she approaches topics from the property level to the destination level and all aspects of the travel experience between. Add her natural compassion and positive spirit to the mix and there’s no creative talent more fun to work with!
— Keith Sproule, executive director of philanthropy, Abercrombie & Kent
It is rare that you work with someone so long, and so closely, that you don’t see all of what they are capable of. Has Norie been a wonderful editor, flexible and imaginative, and team-serving? Yes. Has she brimmed with ideas and helped shepherd younger staffers? Yes. Has she shown leadership and gumption under fire and told the boss what she thinks? Absolutely. She is detail-oriented, a gatherer and nurturer of talent, a willing and effective thinker, and a creative partner who looks for the positive in everything and the opportunity to out-think the competition.
— the late Keith Bellows, longtime editor in chief, National Geographic Traveler magazine

“She knows how to breathe new life into a destination and reveal hidden facets that motivate travelers to add to their bucket lists.”

Norie has an uncanny ability to ask the precise questions that reveal a destination’s identity or a person’s deepest interests. Her ability to connect with people brings exceptional depth to all aspects of her work. Norie has the aesthetic eye of an artist—her luminous photographs are the perfect example of how seamlessly she engages with, and shares the culture and landscapes that she explores. She is the ideal conduit to all that a travel experience can be.
— Barbara Banks, director of marketing, Wilderness Travel
Norie has proven herself time and time again to be a competent, efficient, creative, and dependable colleague. My organization has worked with Norie countless times. We asked her to be the Master of Ceremonies at our 2018 Annual Forum. Norie took on this project, and was clear and communicative about the resources she would need to implement the role successfully. She was very flexible and worked well with last-minute changes. She was also a charming and eloquent speaker, and was thoughtful about adding her own flair to her role. Her own unique character shines through in all of her work. I would highly recommend her for her speaking abilities, as well as her writing and consulting abilities. She is truly an essential colleague in the field of responsible travel.
— Martha Honey, executive director, Center for Responsible Travel

“Norie is a well-known ally for sustainable travel. It is infused in all she does, and how she approaches topics from the property level to the destination level.”

Norie is the strongest content crafter in the travel industry today. An experienced mediator who effectively connects consumer and commercial audiences, Norie builds powerful platforms for sharing stories and communicating ideas about the destinations, innovations, and industry stakeholders driving global tourism.
— George W. Stone, editor in chief, National Geographic Traveler
Our marketing team had the great pleasure to see a presentation from Norie, a renowned expert on developing content for travel media. Norie is a true global traveler herself and an articulate speaker on the travel trends she sees unfolding across the world. As we prepare to launch our corporate strategy, I found a lot of positive reinforcement in Norie’s insightful presentation, customized for our destination.
— Marsha Walden, president and CEO, Destination British Columbia
We are grateful and appreciative of her insightful presentation and valuable presence as a Distinguished Speaker, as well as a panelist, at the Third Himalayan Travel Mart held in Kathmandu, Nepal. She generously shared her views, expertise, in-depth knowledge, and unparalleled insights; her words were so inspiring and a great contribution to the conference theme, “Spirit of the Himalayas.” It was well appreciated by the audience and our stakeholders. We hope she can return soon to organize a training workshop for us.
— Suresh Singh Budal, CEO, Nepal Chapter, Pacific Asia Travel Association
A consummate professional, Norie is wildly intelligent, extremely well traveled, and wonderful to work with. She is always clear in her communications and responsive on all levels. I find her an inspiration.
— Susan Seubert, photographer
A valued member of our advisory board, Norie donated both time and expertise, helping guide our path as a young nonprofit organization. Her vast experience in the travel and media space were of great asset to our global team and hub network.
— Gilad Goren, founder and executive director, Travel + SocialGood
Although her achievements as a writer are rather intimidating, Norie is one of these rare people that make you feel at ease in one second, a top listener with sensitivity who can put the unspoken into beautiful words. She is very easy to work with; she knows how to ask the right questions. She is an incredibly talented writer, a world citizen, but most of all a very good person who wants to contribute to make the world a better place and who leads from the heart.
— Annelies Hamerlinck, director, Vamos Expeditions
Working with Norie was a powerful experience: She brings the perfect blend of personality and professionalism to her work that makes getting things done (and done well), easy and fun! She helped my company refine the messaging, tone, and narrative of the copy on our website, and it has already begun to pay dividends: User engagement is up over 50 percent since I began working with Norie, and I am getting more calls and inquiries into our programs than ever before. Her constructive feedback, thoughtful solutions, and ability to help hold us accountable for taking action has done wonders for my business.
— Michael Bennett, chief adventure officer, Muddy Shoe Adventures